Sunday, May 15, 2011

Style Sundays: Betty Draper Style Icon

 Hello lovely readers,

I know it has been quite some time since I have engaged with you all. This weeks Style Sunday will be devoted to another celebrity fashion icon, Betty Draper a 1960s housewife on Mad Men. It may seem unusual that I consider a character on an AMC series a style icon, but that is exactly what Betty Drapper is. Although she may be considered an ordinary woman on the show, she is quite on trend for 2011. From her cropped tops, a line skirts, and floral patterns she would fit right in today.

Below are a few images taken from the series, and I have also included images of outfits that you can purchase today that mimic this 1960s style.

Check out Modcloth for Betty Drappers 1960s style. Below are a few styles I have selected, but the site is full of this decades key fashion trends.
1) Dot couture Dress in noir- Black sleeveless dress, with A line skirt. $57.99

2) Honolulu Holiday Dress - Floral Pattern with belted waist, you would definitely see Betty wearing this to run her errands. $157.99

3) Leaps and Bounds Dress - sleeveless collar shirt dress a staple in Betty's closet. $99.99

4) A top of the staircase dress - $117.99


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