Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fashion advice on the go? Go try it on NOW

Have you ever wanted advice on an outfit your planning for a first date, corporate work event, wedding, or dinner party with friends - but can't get a hold of your friends or want multiple opinions to be able to determine what you should wear? Well for you indecisive divas there now is an answer (besides stalking your contact lists).

Look no further then the 'GO TRY IT ON' new Iphone APP and website ( This app/site allows you to post pictures of multiple outfits and get real time advice from random fashion obsessed strangers (which makes it quite unbiased). Picture it now your at Zara and fell in love with a bright pink blazer and can't get a hold of your bestie to justify the discretionary purchase (and the over the top colour)? 

With this site/app, you just take a picture post it and minutes later your likely to get feedback from others. Bored on a train ride home or on a road trip with the familia, take your fashion expertise and help many in need by looking at outfits posted and provide your opinion. I mean either way this is fashion genius!

Now go get an opinion or give one - for the love of fashion.

trying it on,