Sunday, April 17, 2011

MIA....I know

Hello readers,

I have been quite MIA these past two weeks but I have two very valid reasons. The first reason is because I am part of the bridal party of a big fat indian wedding. Meaning lots of fun pre wedding activities the weeks prior to the wedding ( I was part of a choregraphed dance!). As for the second reason I just booked my trip to Europe this summer, and have been spending my evenings finding deals in each country. We are heading to London, Paris, Venice, Florence/Tuscany, Rome, and Barcelona.

I should be able to start posting more frequently after this week, and will provide details on everything I have booked for Europe (for those also planning to go this summer)!



  1. I love hearing details about big fat Indian weddings - I always think they are so please continue to update us and share photographs! Just found your blog and love what you've done so far :)

  2. Hi Katherine,

    Just saw your comment. I will definitely post pictures from my bffs wedding this weekend. Look forward to a detailed update!

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