Friday, January 21, 2011


Omg I have missed writing my fashion friday blogs. It has been way too long and what better way to kick start this year by sharing my favourite dresses on the Red Carpet last Sunday at the Golden Globes. Below are my top Best and Worst Dressed of the Night.

Trends - sequins, high updos, emerald green, minimal accessories, one should dresses


Sultry Scarlette Johanson - She really didn't look like someone that just recently filed for divorce from ex hubby Ryan Reynolds. She looked divine in this very soft and romantic Elie Saab dress. I love how elegant she looks with the winged arms and lace/embellishment in a beautiful blush colour - she was definitely a winner. Her hair was pushed back with embellished pins with more volume than I am use to. Her accessories were also to a minimum which worked perfectly with this number.

Angelic Jennifer Lopez. I absolutely love love love this Zurair Murad dress. She wore a simple draped white dress with spaghetti straps that clearly hugged her curves in all the right ways, but the sheer sequin cover up just took this simple dress and made it a show stopper. With Jlo as the new judge on American Idol I hope to see more of this fashionista, as she is definitely is and always will be a trend setter. Her statement stud diamond earrings and matching bracelet were just the right amount of accessory sparkle.

Sparkling Anne Hathaway. Anne wore this stunning Armani Prive gown that was covered in rose sequins. I had to show two views of this dress, because although the front was quite conservative the back would make anyones mouth drop. Like I mentioned in previous blogs sequin was all the rave in fall 2010, and I love how Anne followed one of my big sequin rules of downplaying the accessories. She wore only simple gold studs and a gold ring to allow the bling of her dress to take center stage.

Sophiscated Eva Longoria. She wore an elegant black Zac Posen dress with a beautiful open back, deep sweetheart neck, and embellished waist ribbon. I normally don't like black on the red carpet because it seems so safe, but this dress fit her so beautifully. Her hair in a french twist with diamond studs felt old hollywood, her ex Tony Parker can eat his heart out!

Vibrant Mila Kunis. Mila lite up the red carpet in this emerald green Vera Wang one shoulder strap dress. She may have played an understudy in the Black Swan, but at the Golden Globes she definitely was one of the big style stars that night. Her hair was teased high up and twisted back, which allowed her eyes to take center stage.

Romantic Julie Bowen. Julie could literally come in a paper bag and combat boots and I would put her on my best dressed list. Why? Because I absolutely adore Claire Dunphy on Modern Family. If she can make my Wednesday nights the best laugh out loud entertainment I have ever experience (since Friends), I will have her back no matter what. Luckily shes funny, beautiful, and has style - she wore a beautiful ruffled rosette embellished one shoulder Max Azria Atelier gown. Her hair was this natural messy updo that felt like she threw on the dress, pinned her hair and walked out the door in 5 minutes. She looked like she didn't try at all but just looked this great! Also take a look at her muscular arms, which she has named after her two boys since there the reason shes had to do some heavy lifting.

Choking Julianne Moore. All I can say is she is so lucky she is beautiful because this dress could have ruined her. What is with a gold necklass holding up one full arm of the dress? It looks so frumpy and the bright fushia colour just made it worse. I do appreciate the creative adventures Lanvin takes in dresses, but sometimes I shake my head and wonder.

Rosey Natalie Portman. Okay I understand she is pregnant and I will say she has a beautiful glow to her. But this Viktor and Rolf dress is so wrong? Is she dressed for a Valentine's theme party? What is with the big red rose across her breasts, and then the matching red purse and shoes just totally brought me back to the 90s. This is something Cher from Clueless would have worn as a pregnant woman, I am just surprised Natalie is not chewing red gum and doesn't have a red headband on. I will say I liked her necklace but not with the red rose. Remove the rose, wear a pair of elegant embellished jimmy choo's and do a cute side bun. Her twist looked like it was leaning one way. Okay I will stop before I seem evil, but I expect more from Ms. Portman.
Natalie Portman 2011 Golden Globes

Bridal Jennifer Love Hewitt. Again, another beautiful woman in a chic updo with a horrible dress. She looks great until you see her dress which looks like a cheap bridal dress from Sears. JLH is actually wearing a Romana Keveza dress, and I am wondering if this designer has lost all hope for a career in fashion after this horrid piece. The fan in the front of the dress looks so far out and the skirt width looks too wide for her body. She looks like she is drowning in this dress, and it makes her look 5 sizes bigger than she really is.
Jennifer Love Hewitt 2011 Golden Globes

Showgirl January Jones. I am not sure how this dress made some Best Dressed Lists, but January looked like a Vegas show girl in this Versace gown. Although her hair looks old hollywood glamour her dress looks like she is ready to perform a one woman show. This was quite disappointing because I do enjoy her style in Mad Men and she usually is quite the elegant charmer on the red carpet - but last week she brought her wild (I mean wrong) style out.
January Jones 2011 Golden Globes


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