Friday, December 10, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!

I know I am quite excited for the weekend, I am having drinks with some of my besties tonight (I'll share my outfit tomorrow for another idea for the holidays).

I was thinking about all my fashion friday posts and I noticed I was lacking on sales and updates on SHOES. I have two fashion obsessions SHOES and DRESSES. The obsession for both is quite similar - If I see a pair of shoes or a dress I love (whether I have a place to wear it or not) I will purchase! Unfortunately this obsession has left my closet with lots of tags still on some shoes and dresses lol. There needs to be some sort of group that I can go to, to help me through that. However, I have justified it all by saying one day even if I wear my shoes or dresses they will be vintage and be EVEN HOTTER.

This week I have shared some of the great sales I saw online from boots to pumps to some summer sandals you can take on your holiday vacation plans.

1. The "Buy a pair of cute ass shoes, and take 40% off the second pair" Sale from

I have shared two pairs of shoes I would take advantage of purchasing for this sale. The first one is a pair of affordable velvet grey pumps ($48USD) that I think would look great paired with dark or light stockings. They also have the platform heel in the front which will make this 4 inch heel a lot more comfortable. The second is a pair of brown lace up boots that I think would look great with one of those below the knee hemline skirts, or tucked over a pair of jeggings (jean leggings). The brown lace up boots are $178USD.

Velvet Wrap Platform - Gray
Messina Lace-Up Boots
2. Select shoes 50% off at

These Joie over the knees suede grey boots are a perfect compliment to any winter outfit. Wear it with a mini skirt/dress, leggings, jeans, or stockings - the possibilities are endless. The price for these boots is on the higher end but think of the warmth you will feel all winter in these boots. The boots regularly are $575USD but are 50% for 287.50.

Joie Stand Tall Suede Over the Knee Boots

3. 30-50% off is having quite the sale across all shoe categories like sandals, boots, and pumps. I have picked 2 different pairs for 2 different reasons.

First shoe - is a pair of black lace ankle boots that would definitely transition well from workwear to party wear. The boots are currently $109USD with an additional 30% off. These shoes also come in brown.
Second shoe - is a pair of black strappy sandals on sale for $49.99. This is a great shoe for the summer, and I know plenty of you are likely heading somewhere south during the holidays so put your boots aside and pack these babies.

4. Dance to the sale up to 50% off -
Aldo shoes is having a 50% off sale and I thought I would pick a pair that will work really well for the holiday season.
I call this pair "The perfect new years sandal". The reason I picked these silver heels is because there super cute and they are only 2.5 inches high. The last thing you want during new years is to be complaining about how much your feet hurt. These sexy shoes are only $45.49 and I can guarantee you will be super comfy all night.