Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Honeymoon July 2009

My honeymoon, when I think about it now feels like a dream I can replay VERY well. I love how I said MY honeymoon, I hope that is not a reflection on how I treat our marriage – all about me. Anyways, when WE were planning our honeymoon it was really between two locations GREECE or HAWAII. We wanted a honeymoon that was atleast 10 days and no carribbean resort in our books would keep us interested for that long. I had always dreamed about going to Greece but as we met up with travel agents it just seemed way too pricey.

How I saved moola for the important stuff….shopping!
Bobby (my husband) and I did some thorough research starting in the February before our wedding in July. We looked online at the popular travel sites first and were completely confused, as we had no idea which island to go to, and which area our hotel should be. So we thought let’s meet up with a few travel agents and they could give us some ideas. We met with three different travel agents that gave us a LOAD of information on Greece. We were able to conclude that we wanted to go to Athens for 2 nights, Mykonos for 4 nights, and Santorini which was the most romantic for the last 4 nights. We were able to get the inside scoop from the travel agents to determine what we needed, the best hotels, and which activities we must do. We were super exciting to book until we got the travel itinierary with the full cost. It was between $8,000-$11,000CAD. Can you believe that? That was just for the hotel and the flight with transfers. Greece at this point did not seem to be in the cards for us. Until seconds later I took the itinierary and searched all of the hotels on to find all of the hotels at slightly better prices, we than went on Air Transit’s website and booked our flight as well. The total for our flight and hotel came to under $5,500CAD. We saved over $3,000CAD by booking on our own, and were able to leverage the research of a travel agent at $0 cost. It was quite the win-win.

9 to 5 time
As our honeymoon fell in the summer months I was able to use all my vacation days and summer days. What are summer days? Some companies offer employees the opportunity to take every other Friday off or a certain amount of days off during the summer as extra vacation-like days. The summer season tends to be slower and this is a surprise and delight treat for employees. I was able to use 3 summer days, and my full 12 days of vacation to be off for 4 weeks for. My wedding fell on Canada day long weekend so I saved one day of vacation, and was able to take an extra day off!

Greece Thoughts
Overall what I loved about Greece was the culture, the food, and the beauty of course. I am use to heading to bed quite early on a weeknight as again I am a 9 to 5 girl. However, in Greece when we went to town each night dinner seemed to start at 10pm-11pm, and nightlife did not end until 6-7am. It was so out of character for me, we would be going for a stroll at midnight having ice cream to be surrounded by families with children. I think I could get use to that lifestyle, as I think they start work at noon. 12 to 8 girl I think I could do it. Do you?
What I also love about Greece is it has the ultimate vacation package, if you enjoy site seeing and history there is Athens, if you like cosmopolitan cities there is the Greek island Mykonos, and if you like Caribbean life/relaxation there is Santorini!

  • We stayed in Athens for two nights which was the perfect amount of time. We were able to check out Museums, climb up to the Acropolis, and snap pictures of the Temple of Zeus. The hotel we booked through Expedia was the ROYAL OLYMPIC HOTEL – where we were upgraded for free to the panoramic room facing the Temple of Zeus w/balcony. We spent most of our nights in Plaka Town.

    *the picture on the right was taken at midnight in athens - plaka town.
  • Mykonos - what can I say fun, sun and OUZO! We stayed at the Palladium Hotel, and surprisingly when we arrived we were upgraded to a room with a private pool looking onto rolling hills. We did not even need to ask, how sweet! The hotel was across from the uber posh beach Psarou, where we had to pay 30Euros for two chairs with umbrellas. We rented an ATV for 2 nights and spent a lot of time in Mykonos town. I bought some change purses and lots of souvenirs for home.
  • Santorini the name itself sounds so romantic. An island built on volcanic explosions is far from hell like. It is what the pictures luring tourist to Greece all show, the white homes, high cliffs, and blue waters. We stayed at the Majestic Hotel which we booked through Expedia and was recommended by our “travel agents” located at the bottom of Fira Town. The hotel in Santorini was horrible compared to the last two, and unfortunately the most expensive at $400 a night. We tried to spend minimum time in our hotel and spent nights in Fira Town enjoying the beautiful sunsets at dinner, and hopping around all the overpriced mom and pop shops. We rented an ATV and were able to navigate through the whole island in one day. We went to the black and red sand beaches, OIA for the infamous sunset, and did some wine tasting at SantoWines winery.

  • I had the time of my life, Greece is exactly what the postcard shows - absolutely breathtaking.

  • Final words: no honeymoon is complete without a photo album. We created our honeymoon album using, I would strongly recommend.


  1. I have always wanted to go to Greece! I will definetly refer to your comments when I plan my trip. Thanks 9to5 girl!

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