Sunday, November 7, 2010

NYC October 2009 Thanksgiving Long weekend

After spending a fortune on my honeymoon in July 2009, and being away from work for four weeks I still did not satisfy my travel appetite. I have always loved New York and the year before my wedding I had been to New York 3 times with girlfriends. However, I had never been to New York with Bobby, and don’t we all dream of being whisked away on a carriage ride in Central Park to later be purposed to at Tiffany’s. Clearly, I am not Audrey Hepburn or Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, so that did not happen, but I did manage to convince Bobby to take me to NYC on October Thanksgiving long weekend in 2009.

How I saved moola for the important stuff…shopping!
Our hotel I booked through priceline by bidding as low as I could in either Midtown East/West. I ended up getting the Tudor Hotel which was steps from Grand Central Station for just under $200 a night. For flights we used Expedia but noticed during that time they were in the ranges of $300 plus from Toronto. We decided to look at airports closeby like Buffalo and were able to find a flight for $180, although I saved $300 altogether for the two of us I will likely never pull a mission from Buffalo again. It was quite horrendous I was exhausted because our flight was so early and we had to leave from the GTA 4 hours before our flight.

9 to 5 girl time
Since we went for the long weekend I did not need to take any additional days off! It was the perfect mini getaway.

NYC Tips
Below is a link to a google map of all the places I have enjoyed in NYC thusfar. Take a look I think you will find it quite helpful on your first or next adventure out to NYC. If you have any fave places please do send or comment because I love exploring what others see in a city, and a city like NYC can be interpreted in so many ways! One thing I will note is that whenever I am in NYC I become a super hero and I can magically walk 10-30 blocks in a matter of hours. As I struggled the last time I was there to walk in my FLAT boots, I have come to the conclusion the next time I arrive in this city I will be bringing my runners. I came to this conclusion as I was resting over a garbage can and saw this mesmerizing woman in a beautiful wool coat, pearl earrings, and leather gloves walk by only to be in RUNNERS. The runners completely did not go with her outfit or jeans but I envied her at this point and I will be envied by others when I return!
MY NYC MAP - Enjoy!,-73.964167&spn=0.043557,0.07699&z=14


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