Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Vegas Bachelorette - Easter long weekend 2009

My bachelorette took place on April 10, 2009 in SIN CITY. Sixteen of my closest friends and family (all female of course) joined me to celebrate my last days in singlehood.

How I saved moola for the important stuff…shopping!
All those that have missioned to get to Vegas know that if you book too late, you’re either taking a red eye or enduring crazy stop overs for a pricetag of $600 plus. Being the super organized person I am I started looking at flights in early January. I ended up finding a direct flight leaving on the Friday and returning on the Monday for $380. I got this flight by going on the US airways site directly and searched for flight deals. Now the hotel, my bridesmaids did some thorough research to find 2 massive suites that could hold a party for 50+ for only $400 a night. The suites were at the infamous Mirage hotel on the Las Vegas strip, these suites had two bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The $400 a night was further reduced by googling some promo codes that gave us an extra 15% off during the time we were there. The suites were also booked directly on the Mirage hotel online reservation portal. Please note: There were PLENTY of mirrors in this very modern suite to suffice the hours before club crawling primp time.

9to5 Time
It was 3 months before my wedding and I managed to take 2 days off using personal days and not my vacation. We left on Friday which was “Good Friday” (it literally was a good Friday as we had a great time at Tao LV that night), and I took off the Mon/Tues using my personal days. So far none of my vacation days were touched!

Vegas Thoughts
If you've been to Vegas you will know what I am talking about when I say “Adult Wonderland”. It is absolutely surreal and weird how imaginative each hotel property is from the next.
- Want to see the world but can’t afford the roundtrip, make sure you stroll the strip and check out the following hotels: Bellagio, Caesars Palace, New York New York, Venetian, Paris, Treasure Island, Luxor, MGM, and the Wynn.
- Have a crepe at the Paris hotel, ice cream at Serendipity, souvenir drink at almost any hotel, and watch one of the many Cirque du soliel shows.
- Tao LV – We enjoyed dinner here the first night and my favourite part was the Giant fortune cookie dessert. The fortune cookie is filled with half chocolate/vanilla mousse and covered in fresh fruits. We than headed over to the club and danced to some of our favourite tunes!
- I will comment on nightclubs since I was there for my bachelorette – Tao, Tryst, XS, Pure, Body English, Lavo, and the Palms I think were the big ones. I believe the popular ones likely change from time to time but Tao has remained on top for years.
- Shopping – All of the big 5 star hotels like Venetian, Caesars Palace, Wynn, and Bellagio have the Designer stores within the hotel – think FENDI, CHANEL, GUCCI, and all the other mouthwatering brands. There is also the Fashion Mall towards the south end of the strip, if you’re looking for big box brands like American apparel, Abercrombie, Gap, Nordstrom, and Victoria Secret. Finally, there is an outlet mall I believe a 10-15 minute cab ride off the strip which has Coach, Tommy, and other big brands at discounted prices.
-All in all I enjoyed my time in Vegas, it was an opportunity for me to celebrate my soon to be nuptials with my dearest friends. We laughed hard, dance lots, and eat tons. I have shown a picture below of the gift I gave all the girls that joined me on the trip. I wanted to give them something unique that represented the trip. I gave each of them a shot glass to represent the nightlife, thongs with their names imprinted to represent the exoctic entertainment, and a playing card (w/a personalized msg) to represent the gambling.


  1. Those are some HOT friends you got 9to5 girl!

  2. u guys look like u had a blast and im dying to go to vegas for my next vacay...thanks for the tips!

  3. good tips...i think i might just go to chi-town just shows research really pays off or gives you the ability to spend where you want!


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