Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking for some Southern Comfort

Can you guess where my most recent travel booking is taking me? There will be beads, fried chicken with pecan pie, cabaret, karaoke and southern hospitality.

If you guessed New Orleans, you're right. I will be part of the infamous Mardi Gras parade (not quite literally, most likely watching from a hotel balcony) along with my closest friends and sister. We are heading down to celebrate my best friends soon to be marriage.

Don't let past weather like Hurricane Katrina scare you, its been back with avengence for years. For those considering a trip down south - Air Canada and Westjet just increased the amount of direct flights to New Orleans (check out the article below from

I will save my full review and details for when I return, but I booked my direct flight for $400 through Air Canada. I will decide what type of days I will use to take the two days off in the new year.

Right now I need to start planning my 2 week trip this December to India. Yes, after almost a year I am NOW using my 12 vacation days. We are heading down for a wedding, but plan to travel around in between functions to see as much as we can. Has anyone been to central/southern India? Bobby and I want to go to Goa perhaps for New Years. I have heard the beaches are beautiful. I will have my India review up in early January. Stay tuned...


  1. Go to Goa! We partied in Goa for New Years 2k4 and had a blast. If I remember correctly Anjana beach is where the parties are at - don't to go some NRI party do it up with the locals cause you will have a much better time. Make sure you guys go to Bombay too - that city is amazing!

    If you're bored you can read my blog entries from back in the day:

  2. Thanks Rubex cube I will definitely read your blog and get all your tips!

  3. Sweet! Can't wait to hear how your trip to New Orleans goes. That's another hot spot on my list.....

  4. Great blog! Rubex Cube introduced me to it. I second what she says - go to Bombay! Goa is great but I personally don't think it has amazing beaches. They're okay. :)
    Also, if you have time, try to travel to Kerala, and do a backwaters houseboat tour if you can. The tours start in Allepey and you can book a boat for a few hours or a few days. The overnight boats come with a cook. Never have I had such amazing, fresh food. I even devoured food I wouldn't touch here, like kerala.
    Have fun!

  5. Thanks Rakhstar, I love the tips if I cam make it happen I will follow it to the T.